Survival homesteading on one acre: a free talk by David Goodman (but it’s only free for the next 24 hours)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is so exciting!

David Goodman is a highly accomplished gardener whose methods are eclectic, but he is mostly of the forest gardening persuasion.  He’s written several books and many articles, and I have a great deal of respect for his knowledge of small-scale homesteading.  You can find his blog here:

Florida Survival Gardening

I “know” David (aka “David the Good”) through one of my old blogs, and we also used to chat about faith, family, modernism, gardening, and homesteading on Twitter now and then, though sadly he’s no longer on Twitter.  That is why I was SO excited to see that for the next 24 hours, we can watch a one-hour teaching segment Mr. Goodman did for the Home Grown Food Summit for free!  After the 24-hour free period passes, it’s necessary to pay to watch those segments, so if you’ve got insomnia tonight or are up very early tomorrow, and if gardening and homesteading interest you at all, I highly recommend watching David’s talk.

One of my favorite parts is when he talks about all the mistakes he’s learned from in all his gardening and homesteading years.  Those of us who are trying to learn more about producing some or all of our food can relate to that; sometimes it feels like success is a rare thing in food production! But we needn’t become disheartened; that is a normal part of learning to grow and raise one’s own food.

I do hope some of you will have the chance to watch it!  Here is the link:


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