HOW the news is presented is as important as WHAT is presented.

Given how conservative I am, you may be surprised to learn that I often read the news at NPR. The reason I do this is because NPR does an excellent job finding and publishing human interest stories that are quite fascinating, and I enjoy reading those stories.  Still, it can’t be denied that, despite being publicly funded, NPR is very politically biased toward liberalism and the far left.

They demonstrate this bias both in what they report and how they report it. It is important that readers understand that they aren’t just seeking to inform you but also to influence you.

Consider: this was the top headlined news story on NPR’s website this morning; it concerns a shooting that took place four days ago.


Some See Extreme ‘Anti-Theism’ As Motive In N.C. Killings

The suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim students in North Carolina is a self-described anti-theist, what some some experts see as a new extremism developing among some atheists.

The alleged killer’s face is shown. His “religious” affiliation is right in the title; the religious faith of the three victims is in the subheading. If you click on the article, the word “Islamophobia” is in the very first paragraph.

Nine stories down from this, under more important items such as global warming, a second story about the N.C. shootings highlighting how “radiant” the Muslim victims were, and Jack White’s guacamole recipe (which looks pretty tasty, I must agree), we find this little apparently not-very-important news story about two killings and five shooting injuries that took place only yesterday.  Notice how this story is categorized (news, not religion) and how it is headlined as compared with the one above:

the two-way – news blog

Suspect In Copenhagen Attacks Killed, Police Say

Police in Copenhagen believe they killed the man behind two attacks that killed two people over the weekend, one at cafe and another outside of a synagogue.


It was just a “man” who killed “people”, that’s all. No ideology involved. Certainly no religion involved; never mind the fact that the alleged killer was reportedly screaming something in Arabic and that one of the shooting sites was a synagogue. Nothing to see here. The accompanying image is not of the suspect, but rather of a heavily armed police officer. Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. It was just a man who killed random people less than 24 hours ago but the police have it all under control.

Whether you are reading a conservative news site or a liberal news site, always pay attention to how the news is being presented to you. Don’t let the media think for you; think for yourself.

10 thoughts on “HOW the news is presented is as important as WHAT is presented.

  1. According to Danish authorities, the name of the “man” who killed the “people” was Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein.

    And yet, a few hours ago Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt “urged citizens to maintain a balanced perspective on what had happened before the police’s findings were released.”

    She is quoted as saying:

    “We don’t know the motive for the attacks but we know that there are forces that want to harm Denmark, that want to crush our freedom of expression, our belief in liberty,” she said.

    Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein is alleged to have shot up a room where a cartoonist who insulted Islam was giving a talk and then shot up a synagogue. But the Danish PM tells her citizens they don’t know the motive for the attacks. Hogwash, any Kindergartener who was told this story would be able to tell you the motive. Instead of stating the obvious, she exhorts good, law-abiding Danes to “maintain a balanced perspective”. What does that even mean? But you and I know what that means. It means that the government is firmly committed to Not Noticing Anything and expects its citizens to Not Notice Anything Either. Or else.


  2. I admit I’m still kind of surprised that the media reported on the first shooter’s anti-theist leanings at all, then again he did shoot three muslims. It’s interesting to study the more liberal media and try to map out the hierarchy of victimhood.


    • Hahaha, I wonder if anyone has done this, tried to create a map that shows whose victimhood trumps whose?

      Honestly, though, my favorite part of this whole story is that Jack White’s guacamole recipe was deemed more urgently important and thus given higher billing than the Copenhagen shootings. There’s some kind of meme in there somewhere.


  3. I have to wonder how deep all this goes. It seems to be mostly an EU issue and it relates to immigration. It does look like Rotherham is going to be swept under the rug even though the UK has gone all the way to New Zealand to find a prosecutor.

    If you get that heirarchy of victim status mapped, would you please share?


  4. They do this whole,race was the motive,thing if a white cop shoots a black man,but if black men kill a white guy it is reported as though race was no factor at all.


    • What? Have you been engaging in Unapproved Noticing?

      Back to your guacamole, you plebe, at once!

      And while you are focusing your attention firmly on your avocado dip, you will repeat after Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt:

      “This is not a battle between Islam and the West, and it is not a battle between Muslims and non-Muslims, but a battle between the values of freedom for the individual and a dark ideology.”

      Now don’t go asking exactly which “dark ideology” that would be. That is not information you need to concern yourself with. What you need to concern yourself with is whether adding tomatoes directly to the guacamole would be cultural appropriation or not.


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