Too many ditches and wetlands.

Small updates from my not-very-exciting life:

1. I kid you not, my darn minivan landed right in the very same ditch again this morning. I’ll spare you the details, but I stamped back up to the house and called the very same tow service that had pulled me out a mere 12 hours earlier. The incredulous man on the phone from the tow service quickly sussed that I was Not In The Mood for It and shut up with the commentary.

2. My husband demonstrated significantly superior spiritual maturity compared to me by sending me an email while I was at work about our need for God’s mercy and grace and extending mercy and grace to one another and apologizing for his part in our unpleasant words after the minivan-in-the-ditch incident. This is to say, he husbanded quite well, which I really needed since I had frozen my heart into a ball of anger and hurt when he blamed my driving (I’m actually a very good driver, thankyouverymuch) instead of our ice-covered gravel driveway, which thawed when he made the first step (my heart thawed, that is; our driveway is, unfortunately, still quite frozen).

3. My husband also acknowledged not only our need for mercy and grace but also our need for a plowing service, which he took care of. You see, it’s snowing yet again, delaying schools this morning and possibly closing them down again tomorrow if this keeps up. He set up the plowing service, which came right out and got to work.

For those keeping score at home, the Thiry household has shelled out $235 in the past 24 hours just to keep the vehicles on the driveway and the snow in the ditches. I’m almost at the point now where I can laugh about it. Almost.

Ah, but let’s think about something nice, shall we?

Like, for instance, that land that’s for sale across the street.

I heard from the real estate agent, who had heard from the township, and they’re actually willing to let us parcel the land into one tax unit with our current land!  We were pretty surprised that they were willing to let us join parcels that are separated by a road, but that’s good because now we could put up a pole barn on the land without first building a house on it.

However. There’s always a however, isn’t there? And this “however” refers to wetlands, which the acreage contains some undisclosed amount of. This is no surprise to us. The area where we live is part of a string of small towns collectively referred to as “the portage communities” because there are such a large number of little lakes in the vicinity. Our own property has a creek bed running through the front of it heading toward the lake down the road. But the township wanted us to be aware that some of this is wetlands and we should have a wetlands survey done, which is not cheap, but which we’re willing to do. What we don’t know is what this means in terms of building – will the township let us build that close to wetlands? We know the whole piece isn’t wet, but our concern is that the state will label this land “protected” in some way, which would significantly limit what we could do with it.

But the ability to combine the lot to our existing parcel is good news anyway and the wetlands issue is just one more piece of the puzzle we have to find and examine to see if this is a wise purchase for us or not.


2 thoughts on “Too many ditches and wetlands.

  1. The same spot? When the plow guys get there, you may ask them if there are any improvements rhat could be made.
    Don’t buy the Hummvee. I knew someone that had one. You might consider traction tires for all four corners mounted on their own wheels.


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