A few pictures from the aftermath of the great storm.

All told, we got about sixteen inches of snow, our third heaviest 24-hour snowfall ever.


When my husband got home from ski patrol last night, he got out our garden tractor which he’d put a plow attachment on and added chains to the tires:


…and started plowing our endless driveway:


The children ran around in the snow excitedly while I swept off the porch.


Around ten, I shooed them into the house and got them ready for bed. I didn’t actually make them go to bed though; where would be the fun in a snow day if you’re made to go to bed? I, however, fell asleep around 11:00, only to wake up around 1:00 a.m. and realize that Phil hadn’t come in yet.

I stepped out into the garage, but he wasn’t there. I yelled for him from the porch, but my voice was lost in the howling wind and blowing snow. I got that cold dread in the pit of my stomach and pulled on boots and a long coat over my pajamas and set off down the driveway through the blizzard, terrified that I’d find him injured or dead from a horrible plowing accident. I found him at the very end of the driveway, alive and well thank goodness. He was in the plowing and shoveling zone I guess and didn’t realize how late it was.

This morning the sun was shining, brilliantly blinding on the fresh snow but giving no warmth.


Even the University of Michigan had cancelled classes, the first time I can ever remember them doing so.

We set about digging out in earnest and it took us nearly all day to shovel the porch, steps, walkway, deck, patio, and trampoline while Phil worked endlessly on getting that darn driveway clear.


Our driveway is…









…really LONG.

The children took lots of breaks to sled down the back hill and shovel the snow off our pond ice rink and made lots of trips inside to refresh themselves with hot cocoa.

Tonight there is a full moon and the sunset was all rosy pink and eerie blue:


The temperatures have dropped down near 0 F, so we’re in for another frigid night.  Tomorrow it’s back to school and work for all of us, but it was a fun day off!


15 thoughts on “A few pictures from the aftermath of the great storm.

    • And do we ever need that hot cocoa! The air temperature here has already dropped to -1 F and it’s not even 8:30 p.m. yet. And supposedly we’re in for another few inches of snow tomorrow night. #michiganwinters #damngroundhog #halp



      • You got some serious weather. I think that I am only a couple of hundred miles south of you in Central Indiana and we only got a little.


  1. Your land is beautiful. There are lots of great trees in which you could build a treehouse for your girls. You could even build a large one across two trees if you wanted.

    It will be lovely in the spring when everything starts to bloom and the peepers start hatching in your pond.

    I don’t envy your driveway. It looks as wide as our road. I wouldn’t be surprised if your husband invests in a truck with a plow ahead of next winter to save himself some time and effort.


  2. So, a few things by way of an update.

    1. We are supposed to get more snow tonight.

    2. On my way in from work this evening, my minivan slid off the driveway and into a steep ditch near the final ascent to our house. My husband had to call a tow-truck to get my minivan out after a failed attempt to get it out ourselves.

    No, I have no pictures of this. Because my husband and I were too busy making unkind and accusatory comments through gritted teeth at one another about exactly whose fault this was, that’s why. Ahem

    3. We will be having a professional plowing service clear our driveway for the rest of the winter.

    That is all.

    And now I’m going to take a hot bath and possibly drink an adult beverage. Good night.


  3. Because my husband and I were too busy making unkind and accusatory comments through gritted teeth at one another about exactly whose fault this was, that’s why.

    But remember, ladies: be a good, submissive Christian wife like me, ya’ll hear now?


    I do believe I have literally failed at every single thing I’ve tried to do today.

    Ever have days like that?



  4. Sunshine,
    You didn’t! How many hours did he spend plowing that drive after being up for thirty six hours?
    Whether or not he made a mistake, he’s putting one hundred percent. Take a hot bath, have ONE adult beverage, and tell him that you still…
    I had better stop here because single people arnen’t supposed to think about these things. It hurts.


  5. Hello Sunshine,

    I want my old essay I wrote for you. Will you please copy it and send it my way or allow me access to your old blog?

    The Shadowed Knight


    • I’m not giving out access to anyone to either of my old blogs at present. It may take me a day or two to go find the essay, but I can copy and paste it into an email for you if you’d like. Shall I send it to the email address you used to comment here?


  6. It looks like there is no way to leave a comment on the new post. The “Feminist Music” is so awful that it should have a counter-video. Submitted for your consideration:


  7. I am very envious of your homestead but not the amount of driveway to deal with in the winter I would at least vaguely consider a used heavy truck with a plow or a remote garage and tracked vehicle to and from said garage in winter.

    Alternatively, I noticed that the military is offering some of it’s used “humvees” for sale. I’ll wager they get more “coolness” looks than a mini-van when you pull up in one to drop the children off.


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