Sensible precautions for single young men and women who want to protect their futures.

Just recently I gave some advice to young women which can be summarized as follows:

Young women:

  1. Don’t have more than one drink.
  2. Don’t go back to a young man’s room with him. That’s not just slutty; it’s also dangerous.

Now a recent news story from my alma mater prompts me to repeat that advice to young women and offer the following advice to young men:

Young men:

  1. Don’t have more than one drink.
  2. Don’t take a young woman back to your room with you. That’s not just caddish; it’s also dangerous.


Three young people, all with ruined futures. Nevermind about the he-said-she-said. Nevermind about feminists and men’s rights activists. These two young men and one young woman were young, they were foolish, they were just doing what everyone else was doing, and now their lives are trashed.

Don’t take that chance, young men and women. There is no fleeting pleasure in a drunken hook up that makes it worth the risk of potentially being raped or having a false rape allegation brought against you.

Biblical sexual morality: it’s not just right and holy. It’s also sensible and safe for both women and men.


8 thoughts on “Sensible precautions for single young men and women who want to protect their futures.

  1. So, what else is new in Washtenaw county today? Hmm…

    Ann Arbor high school teacher accused of drugging, sexually assaulting woman

    I will say it again.

    Do not drink unchaperoned with members of the opposite sex. Do not go unchaperoned to their domiciles. Someone is lying here and someone is telling the truth; I don’t know who is the liar, but I do know that if a woman doesn’t go off alone with a man, especially with alcohol involved, the risk of either rape/sexual assault or a false allegation is negligible.

    It’s just common sense.


  2. You offer sound advice but, it should be expanded to people of all ages. In spite of the exposure of the Rolling Stone/UVa story as a fabricated hoax, the rape hysteria agenda is being pushed worldwide. While I personally think that this may be the beginning of the end for feminism, they are not down for the count yet.
    In Great Britain, “Yes means Yes” is now effectively the law coming from the Crown Prosecution Serviice.

    This is not just for students at college, it’s for everybody. I guess that husbands will need to prove consent.

    This has gotten out of hand.


  3. I’d add to list of precautions if you go someplace with someone make sure you have the money to get home on your own. I’ve been left to fend for myself getting home when I went out with a friend and she wanted to leave with someone. But the most important rule for women is if you’re going to a club, don’t drink. I would say don’t drink at all out where you need a clear head to make decisions and maybe get home on your own. If you follow-up just that one rule, your risk factor is lowered tremendously. I’m not going to say don’t go to clubs, cause I had a great times going to clubs, but I don’t drink, or at least very seldom.


  4. I think women may have an easier time with protecting themselves. Drink socially, not to oblivion. Have enough cash on hand for a cab ride home or have a friend on call. Don’t get isolated.
    For men it may be more difficult. A false accuser doesn’t even have to meet you.

    Elsewhere, I was trading comments with a mother of teenage sons. She is more worried about girls than her father would have worried about boys.

    Stuff is tarting to get real. What I think will happen is that single men will withdraw.


  5. Ugh. Seems that Grandpa had the aphorism that young skulls half full of mush (we’re talking about college students here of course) might do well to heed:

    Candy’s dandy, but liquor’s quicker.

    I know, gross phrase, but that, along with the one Grandma used to say about buying the cow, and all those sick jokes about body parts falling off because the pretty girl had a gift that keeps on giving…..maybe we need to bring those back….


  6. In my practice, I have been stunned to hear many stories of sexual assault start (more or less) like this:

    “I met these 4 guys through a friend. She was going to meet up with us later, so I went with them to a hotel. When I got there, there were 3 other guys, already drunk. I decided to stay and hang out with them. The next morning, I woke up in the hotel room with my pants around my ankles. I’m not sure what happened and they were all gone.”

    Now, it is considered “blaming the victim” if I mention the risks involved in that situation, so I am really only allowed to do “supportive” counseling with them.


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