Of snot and skates…

Though I have something serious that I want to write about, it won’t happen tonight. Because you see, the children I work with are so very cute and sweet but, well…they’re also snot-filled germ-bags at this time of year. 🙂 I say that in the fondest way possible, but after being sneezed and coughed on all week and passing out tissues to soothe dozens of runny noses, I’ve caught The Ick myself.

Wandering around the store this evening waiting for one of my girls to finish her club volleyball practice, I thought to myself feverishly, “I would lie down right here on the floor and go straight to sleep if I weren’t afraid of ending up on People of Walmart“:

sleeping in walmart

This is not me, but I sympathize with whomever it is.


This smart man knows that Walmart floors are germy; why lie down there when they have all those nice camping cots just waiting to be used?


Anyway, I’m exhausted and sick, so the serious essay will have to wait a day or two. However, last Sunday I finished shoveling and sweeping our backyard pond ice rink and then I used my iPad (hence the poor quality of the video) to record a very shaky clip of my first skate around the rink. Philip has since done a trial flooding and squeegeeing of it, but then it snowed again and warmed up a bit, so it needs to be re-shoveled.

But while I snuggle down in bed with honey-lemon tea and a book, have a look at the early fruit of our labor…



5 thoughts on “Of snot and skates…

  1. Disappointment. I was hoping to see you skate around the pond and maybe fall on your ice. Gently, of course.

    I thought to myself feverishly, “I would lie down right here on the floor and go straight to sleep if I weren’t afraid of ending up on People of Walmart“

    Embrace celebrity.


  2. Wow Sunshine I’m impressed. Most people around hear just wait for their ponds to freeze over and send their kids out whether the ice is bumpy or smooth.

    The exception would be some of the wealthy second homeowners who hire property management companies to maintain their ponds year round so they’re suitable for swimming/fishing in the summer and skating in the winter.

    It looks like the Thiry house will be the place for winter parties. As my husband says, it’s worth the extra expense to entertain and feed your kids’ friends because it allows you to keep an eye on them.

    You have a lovely voice, by the way with a perfect Midwestern accent. I’m jealous. My most dreaded responsibility at work is doing a brief weekly radio show to update folks on the latest local and statewide happenings that the news group I work for is covering.

    My voice is deep for a woman. What makes it all the more comical is that I’m very petite so it just doesn’t fit me.

    Recently, I was buying liquor and the cashier asked for my ID. She recognized my name and said, “You’re not the same Lisa X that does the radio show on Station X on Thursday mornings, are you?”

    When I told her I was, she said, “You look nothing like I’d imagined you would.”

    On the bright side, despite spending three decades in NJ, I don’t have a NJ accent other than the fact that I sometimes slip and say “Cawfee” instead of coffee and “dawg” instead of dog.


  3. I listened to that and said “Huh, Sunshine Mary sounds exactly like I thought she would”. Honestly, I’ve never seen a pond freeze completely over. It doesn’t generally get that cold, much less stay that cold here. I have had to take a hammer to my horse’s water bucket on occasion though.


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