The decline of women artists under feminism.

You know what I miss about life when I didn’t work full-time? Time to think, that’s what. I am too rushed to think properly most nights.

So in lieu of a thoughtful essay, I will leave you with a What the – ? post, courtesy of (who else?) feminists…feminist artists, that is. 

And you already know when you see the words “feminist” and “artist” in the same phrase what that’s going to mean, don’t you.

First there was the vagina knitter, then the menstrual blood painter, and now…

Now, we might laugh this off, saying to ourselves, “No one in their right mind would take such a woman seriously as an artist!”

Au contraire.

National Public Radio took it very seriously, framing Miss Igarashi as a freedom fighter against patriarchal censorship.


An arrest on similar charges in July resulted in Igarashi being released. At the time, she said, “I don’t believe my vagina is anything obscene,” according to the Japan Times. “I was determined I would never yield to police power.”


Igarashi drew headlines last year when she rowed her kayak across a Tokyo river, a trip that was meant “to confront the county’s taboos regarding the female form,” as The Washington Post reported.


Other than the now-famous kayak, Igarashi makes cartoon-like figurines. As she says in her Twitter bio, her vagina is the “primary motif” of her work. She also tried highlights what her supporters call flaws in Japanese laws.


After her July arrest, Igarashi was released from jail after an online petition drew more than 21,000 signatures.

Apparently patriarchal censorship and artistic good taste must go hand and hand.

17 thoughts on “The decline of women artists under feminism.

  1. The only way you get celebrated as a female visual artist these days is if you portray female nudes of some kind, as if by creating artwork centering around anything else you are somehow repressing yourself. So my artistic career continues to go nowhere because the only leg up I could get requires me to go against what I actually want to portray.


      • I try, but haven’t had much success as of yet. With the economy how it is, people prefer functional beautiful things, which is why I have a commission for hand warmers but none for paintings. Thankfully I like knitting almost as much as painting.


  2. IO think the best course for me would be to withold comment until we can hear from somebody familiar with Japanese culture can chime in. Considering that she got arrested, this has to be socially unacceptable. It may be a greater cultural breach there than here.


  3. If feminists want to be taken seriously, why do they do stuff like this? Don’t they know they are an embarrassment to serious women?

    Imagine a young woman who believes in full equality of the sexes, who intends to have a serious career, and who wants to work hard and be taken seriously. What does modern feminism offer such a woman? Why should she choose to ally herself with a movement that lauds vagina kayakers?

    Answer: she won’t. Feminism seals its own fate with such asinine behavior.

    Not everyone rejects feminism because they are a weirdo Christian traditionalist like me. Many women reject feminism because they observe the grotesque, embarrassing behavior of feminists and say, “No thank you. I have serious work to do.”


  4. Feminism may be operating with the “Three Monkeys” approach. When it comes to their collegues it’s see no evil, hear no evil, and, vert importantly, speak no evil. That may expalin how wackos can get as far as they do.


  5. As long as we’re going to descend into silly, we need to keep the male versions away from the female versions or we’ll have toy boats everywhere!


  6. This is NOT silly.
    I never thought to live to see the day when The Thinking Housewife and Chateau Heartiste would run a post on the same story and be in full agreement.

    Unless the police are very fortunate, I don’t like their chances for finding the gunmen.


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