The importance of placing kith and kin above buying and brands.

We just returned from seeing the movie “Into the Woods” and I had intended to write a post about some of the good lessons in this film right away, but alas a migraine headache hit on the way home so instead I am crawling into bed with a heating pad. The post will have to wait.

However, I saw this tweet and thought I’d share it:

Yes, this is true but it is not the whole truth. Rather, we are manipulated and misled by people who want to make money off us. They can do this by convincing us to place family and kin secondary to selfish pursuits. Careerism, materialism, mindless consumption, the abandoning of traditions…these things all make us prime targets for advertisers as we replace our identities that we used to find in our faith, families and wider kin networks with our identities as consumers.

But being an Apple products fanatic or a Nike devotee or a coffee snob or whatever product with which you choose to self-identify will never satisfy the longing in you that can only be filled by faith and family.


6 thoughts on “The importance of placing kith and kin above buying and brands.

  1. You can see any movie you wish for free at home providing you have internet, a computer, a t.v. and an HDMI cable. From putlocker to solar to movie-forumz, there are just oodles of sites that post links to movies, usually before they hit theaters. Pull up the movie on your computer, attach the HDMI cable from your computer to your t.v., and voila! Home theater 🙂 You can watch cable t.v. shows from these same sites. Bye, bye cable. Now you’re not only saving money on movie tickets, but probably an additional $40 a month on extended cable. Of course, there are ads (and on some sites they are definitely NSFAnything), but if you get skilled in closing them, they don’t interfere too much.


  2. How nice to see that me tweet inspired you to write this. Thanks Mary!

    I grew up in a “conservative” household where the three heads of the Cerberus/the three false gods were:

    1. Judeo-Christianity
    2. Capitalism
    3. The United States of America

    All three of these gods are hateful of our race, the White race. They also wish to destroy the ethnic identity of individual White nations, such as the Germans and the Russians. Those “conservatives” who believe in America also believe that acquiring wealth and experiencing freedom are the most important things in life, and that everything else is irrelevant by comparison. My tweet was an indirect response to that morally repulsive mindset.


    • Naturally I must respectfully disagree with you about #1. Christianity has really been twisted around to fit a SJW agenda, but that isn’t what the Bible actually says. I don’t believe Christ hates white people (nor people of any other race either) nor is fake egalitarianism an essential part of Christianity. It is true, however, that we believe all souls are equal before God, regardless of race, sex, etc.


  3. We have gone way overboard on consumption. It’s to the point where it trumps production in the minds of economists. The lessons of the Great Depression have been forgotten.
    As for “longing for faith and family”, there are a lot of single men who won’t have these fulfilled.
    All of this is bigger than the individual.
    In the meanwhile, let’s do something to help spresad cheer. Here’s a bear video. Interspecies cooperation.


    • As for “longing for faith and family”, there are a lot of single men who won’t have these fulfilled.

      All men can have faith. As for family, I believe you are taking too narrow a view. Our modernistic concept of “family” as being a husband, a wife, and two children is not a good definition. All men have a family even if they don’t have a wife and children of their own. They have parents, possibly siblings, perhaps cousins, nieces, and nephews. A man who decides not to, or isn’t able to, marry can always invest himself and immerse himself in his extended kin network. In fact, he ought to do so for his own good as well as for their good, as loneliness and isolation is detrimental to one’s mental and emotional well-being.


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