“Women’s issues” are embarrassing.

Bonald recently brought up a point that I, too, have noticed: The women’s issues that feminists are always yammering on about are always and solely about women screeching for the right to act uber slutty and then offload the costs for said sluttery onto someone else. He writes:

“In the enlightened West, we have decided that women’s priority is for adult sexual hedonism at the expense of children and public morals. …Just consider what are called “women’s issues”:  legal and subsidized abortion overriding conscientious objections by anyone involved, free contraception subsidized even by those with conscientious objections, normalization of female promiscuity (they can’t even have a movement against sexual assault without it turning into a celebration of sluthood), easy divorce despite the harm to children, and lowered labor investment in the raising of children…The presumption always is that when a conflict arises between children and adult selfishness, women will side with the latter.  Even objecting to the outright murder of children in the interest of adult hedonism is associated with organizations run by old, celibate men.  If I were a woman, I would be offended by this, but I’d mostly be embarrassed for my sex because the Democrats have actually succeeded in getting an edge with women in this way.

And yet, for all of this, today’s politically active women are as nagging and shrewish as their prohibitionist grandmothers.  This is not how women who just want consequence-free sex act in my fantasies at all.”

Well, it is embarrassing, Bonald. Feminism and its “women’s issues” mantra make women look like a one-act show, essentially just walking vaginas. I have always thought feminism sexually objectifies women far worse than anything the patriarchy could ever dish up. Under the supposed “bad old patriarchy” at least women had some dignity and intrinsic worth beyond the hole between their legs.

Now?  Eh, not so much:



1 thought on ““Women’s issues” are embarrassing.

  1. That they have become an embarrassment to themselves could account for only twenty percent of women will identify themselves as feminist. While thwy have gotten shrill while claiming to speak for all women, a lot of women are choosing to distance themselves.

    Maybe you can set me straight on this. Why all the attention to vaginas? The source of power in women is the ability to reproduce by gestation. It is the womb that is the source and the reason for all the societal concessions.

    Third, are feminists just plain wacky? I can’t prove it but, I think there is something that passes from men to women and, it’s not necessarily sex, that keeps women grounded. It’s not healthy for women to be alone.


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