My favorite version of the Little Drummer Boy.

GOC Angels

2013 Glory of Christmas


Alas, still no time to write…

One the reasons I’ve been so busy the past several weeks is because of The Glory of Christmas, our church’s annual Christmas concert and play. The rehearsals start in the beginning of November and by December, we’re ready to do ten performances.  If you live in this area and you’ve never been to GOC, I advise you to check it out next year, as it is a beautiful telling of the Christmas story.

GOC Choir

From Glory of Christmas 2013

This year I had children in the choir and in the drama, so I was driving from our home all the way to Plymouth and spending hours and hours at church. GOC is a huge time commitment but is a major outreach that our church does, and given the number of people who come in lost and go out pursuing God, it’s worth it.

Usually our church keeps tight control over allowing any video to be posted on YouTube, but they did allow my absolute favorite rendition of The Little Drummer Boy from Glory of Christmas 2010 to be posted there. This is an a capella version and the video of the drummer boy, who is actually a boy in our congregation and which I believe was filmed at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in northern Michigan, was shown on screens while the song was performed.

To help get you in the Christmas spirit, enjoy…

Got a favorite Christmas song to share? Leave it in the comments!

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