A new blog to round out 2014

Back deck nov9

A windy, rainy November day on my back deck

I’ve been wanting to start a new blog just for fun ever since we moved to our new home several months ago. Since my husband Philip and I can’t take care of burning the brush piles today due to the rain and wind, it seems like a good time to finally get started on this blog.

We’ve moved from a semi-urban/suburban area (first Ann Arbor, then Ypsilanti) to a small-town rural area, and it’s been hard work but lots of fun, too, not to mention a bit of a learning curve. This blog will serve as a place where, for my own amusement and the interest of any readers, I will chronicle our attempts at a bit of hobby homesteading, in addition to sharing my thoughts on family, Christianity, culture, rural living, and maybe even a bit of politics thrown in. This blog probably won’t engage any deeply controversial themes, as it is mostly meant to be lighthearted and fun.

Stay tuned!