Men taking care of their families and communities – just another good thing about marriage and family.

I had started this blog with the intention to write on it regularly, but boy have I been busy. I started a new full-time job recently – I’d not thought to go back full time, but this one was too good an offer to refuse, and there happens to be a 10+ acre chunk of land across the street from our land that’s for sale….The thing about buying land is that once you start, you want more and more of it!

But I came across a news story today that was one of those that just seems like a little light of hope in an oft-bleak world. It also showcases one of the many things I admire about men – how they take care of their families by any means necessary, even when doing so involves a tractor

Anthony Marchioli is the father of a new baby girl after one crazy day in Buffalo, New York.

Marchioli, like most people, was cooped up in his house – – stuck after the massive snowfall–and looking for something to do.

“One of my neighbors shouts across the street ‘I called the rental place–I want to get one of those tractors and start digging people out’,” said Marchioli.

He and his neighbor were focused on others.

Marchioli walked three miles to a friend’s house to get a ride to a Home Depot, got the tractor and started driving it home. But when he got close to the house, there was a surprise waiting for him.

“There’s my wife in the middle of the street. I said, ‘what are you doing, you’re insanely pregnant– why are you even out of the house?'”

Her water had broke.

“Only one thing in my mind… my cousin lives three houses down, they’re watching the kids and we’re getting on the tractor,” said Marchioli.

That’s because his cars were buried. Marchioli said he put his wife on the tractor and went full speed to the hospital.

Loxley Storm Marchioli was born 11 hours later. She now joins her two older sisters 4-year-old Imogin and 2-year-old Athena.

This precious baby is so blessed to be born into a family with a father in the home to take care of her.

I’ll bet his wife is particularly glad to be his Mrs.

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