A new blog to round out 2014

Back deck nov9

A windy, rainy November day on my back deck

I’ve been wanting to start a new blog just for fun ever since we moved to our new home several months ago. Since my husband Philip and I can’t take care of burning the brush piles today due to the rain and wind, it seems like a good time to finally get started on this blog.

We’ve moved from a semi-urban/suburban area (first Ann Arbor, then Ypsilanti) to a small-town rural area, and it’s been hard work but lots of fun, too, not to mention a bit of a learning curve. This blog will serve as a place where, for my own amusement and the interest of any readers, I will chronicle our attempts at a bit of hobby homesteading, in addition to sharing my thoughts on family, Christianity, culture, rural living, and maybe even a bit of politics thrown in. This blog probably won’t engage any deeply controversial themes, as it is mostly meant to be lighthearted and fun.

Stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “A new blog to round out 2014

  1. Sunshine Mary, I used to read you other blog, but only commented once in a while under two previous handles. I plan to keep this new one as permanent. My first handle exposed too much omega-ish as I was new to the Christo-manosphere and was going through a crises. The second handle I didn’t like. Apparently blog handles can be born again as well. (haha).

    I very much enjoyed reading your perspectives and sense of humor. Cool that you took this up again. Do you remember Rollo predicting that you would again blog within a year? If memory serves me correctly, Rollo wrote that prediction on his blog. I wonder if it has been a year, and therefore his prediction/analysis was correct. I hope he comments here also as your interaction with him was fun to read (for me).

    Congratulations on your new home. Seems like a wise choice to be away from the cities of Michigan and live out in the boonies. I look forward to reading the posts. May God further bless you and your family….


  2. Welcome – just want to make sure, though, that ya’ll understand this is just a personal blog, not a topical one like others that I’ve run. There won’t be any rousing debates on inter-gender politics, I don’t think. You’re more likely to be treated to blurry photos of me trying to figure out how to tap our maple trees next month than any fierce fights about marriage law. 🙂 But welcome anyway.


    • Sunshine– you write your blog about mothering, gardening housekeeping or whatever you want. You earned it, and paid quite a heavy price in your personal life for it. Those couple of years of writing are so packed with stuff, I am convinced that it will be studied for ages to come.

      But you disappeared so abruptly, I was never able to properly thank you for the positive effect your writings had on my marriage, by convicting my own wife. I can never repay that.

      Take care,



  3. Sunshine-

    We added your new blog to our blog roll at the courtship pledge. It went down while Scott was deployed, but it is fixed now. Also, we are having another baby.

    Take care,



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